Monday, April 15, 2013

Nicolas Maduro Is Elected President of Venezuela In Close Election

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela's CNE (National Electoral Council) has declared Nicolas Maduro as the new president of Venezuela.

99.12% of the votes cast have been counted. Nicolas Maduro received 50.66% of the vote, and his openent, the right-winger Henrique Capriles received 49.07%.

The voter turnout rate was 78.71% of those eligible to vote.

The Socialism of the XXI century is alive and healthy.

The times when Yankee imperialism could appoint "presidents" in Latin America are long gone. The empire is almost bankrupt.

Barack Obama will try to balance his escalating deficits on the backs of Seniors.

If Americans keep on electing POTUS from the Democratic Party, things will go from bad to worse. The U.S. national debt is now close to 17 trillion dollars.

Tax and spend is a formula for disaster! We could become the next Greece or Cyprus.

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