Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Headline which you read in the Yankee & European Imperialist press and what it really means

The title that you may actually see is something like this: Cuba’s Ladies in White finally pick EU rights price.

Most likely, you will read it in the Miami Herald, another capitalist right-wing newspaper or you will probably find it in the EU, of course. For the really dumb or those with low intelligence, EU stands for European Union.

And this is the perfect example for what I am trying to explain to you.

Shortly after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1st, 1959, the imperialists began to realize that something was not right in Cuba.

The then Secretary of State told Dwight D. Eisenhower: “This revolution is not like the ones that we usually support. In those revolutions the new ruler usually kisses the ass of POTUS (acronym for President of the United States). That is not happening with Fidel Castro. I smell a rat!”

But, back to the titles and what they really mean.

What the Yankees and the Europeans call a ‘prize’ is really the huge welfare checks that the capitalist Americans and Europeans pay to their so-called dissidents inside Cuba. Those checks run in the thousands of Dollars and Euros. In some cases they may be millions. The recipients will live like millionaires inside Cuba, if the island is dumb enough to let the sum into the country for putting in play the process of destabilizing the Cuban Revolution.

Are the capitalist in the U.S. and Europe dumb or what?

They have been paying those “prizes” for more than 52 years, and the U.S. and Europeans have not been able to overthrow the chosen system of the Cuban people.
I have to conclude that they are very gullible. Those “dissidents” are running a regular con job on the Yankee and European imperialists.

When they collect the next check, the dissidents will surely tell Uncle Sam: “We are just about getting ready to overthrow Raul Castro. NEXT CHRISTMAS IN HAVANA!”

Post Script: Psst! Dissident = Mercenary. The Cuban people know that. It is so obvious.

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