Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Barack Obama's New Tortures @ Guantánamo

Barack Hussein Obama, Torturer-in-Chief
The Buck Stops @ His Desk
A new Dachau and Auschwitz in the Caribbean Sea?

Barack Hussein Obama is very, very scared. He could end up with more than 100 deaths on his conscience, because of the activities that his military is carrying out in his Concentration Camp @ Guantánamo U.S. Naval Base, which the Yankee imperialists illegally occupy in Cuban territory.

I have no doubt in my mind, that because Barack Hussein Obama is committing so many atrocities inside and outside the United States, he could end up like JFK & his brother Bobby, assassinated. He is making more enemies than any human being can handle. He is the Devil incarnate.

Below you will find the translated first paragraphs of an article re-published by Cubadebate. The article comes from the digital website called Rebelión. This is a short Cuba Journal translation. Any errors are mine.

Guantánamo Prison, where death is preferable to living

May 13, 2013

By Marjorie Cohn

More than 100 of the 166 prisoners at Guantánamo are allowing themselves to die of hunger. 33 of them are being fed by using force against them.

“They tie you down with leather straps to a chair, tightly and forcefully tying the wrists, the legs, the front of your head and your waist.” Fayid Al-Kandari told his attorney, Lieutenant Colonel Barry Wingard. Al-Kandari, who was born in Kuwait has been at the Guantánamo prison for eleven years. He has not been accused of any crimes.

“The tube that they insert makes you cry abundantly and blood starts to come out of your nose. Once the tube goes through your throat, you begin to have violent movements of the stomach which induce vomiting. Afterwards, they pour into the tube a liquid that is very hot. They do that for about 45 minutes to two hours. He feels like his body is going to suffer from convulsions, and very frequently he will vomit,” added Wingard.

The Human Rights Council of the United Nations  has determined that  feeding someone by force is torture. The American Medical Association (AMA) says that force feeding violates medical ethics.

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If there ever was a time to establish an new Nuremberg-like International Tribunal to charge George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama with high crimes against humanity it is now.

I applaud the people of Guatemala for having put General Efrain Rios Mont on trial for genocide and crimes against humanity. He was convicted and sentenced to 80 years in prison. It takes courage to do that. That quality does not exist in the U.S.

The list of atrocities that have been committed by the presidents of the United States is very long:

Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos: Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon

Iraq & Afghanistan: George W. Bush, Barack H. Obama

And the atrocities by U.S drones continue throughout the world.

And the above list does not include the crimes committed against Native Americans by various U.S presidents. They are well documented.

Barbarism and Violence: Thy name is United States.

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