Friday, May 03, 2013

La Cosa Que Le Causa Indigestión a Barack Obama / The Flavor That Barack Obama Does Not Favor

“Siempre hemos demostrado una inequívoca voluntad de diálogo en todos los temas y con todos los Estados, sobre la base del respeto recíproco, la igualdad soberana y el reconocimiento al derecho de libre determinación.”

“We have always demonstrated an unequivocal willingness to have a dialogue about all themes and with all States, based on reciprocal respect, sovereign equality and the recognition of the right of free determination.”

Cuban Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez Parilla
May 1, 2013
Geneva, Switzerland

JG: The flavor that Barack Obama favors is IMPOSITION! He must have recurring nightly dreams about wanting to be appointed the emperor of the third rock from the sun. Dream on, Mr. Obama, but the Cuban people are not stupid. The times before 1959 will not return.

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