Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Rene Gonzalez: Happy to be among his People and Family

Martes, 07 de Mayo de 2013 14:38

On his way out of the U.S. Interests Section to Havana on Monday, René Gonzalez, one of the five Cuban anti terrorist heroes unfairly condemned by a U.S. court, said he was very happy to be among his people and family.

Gonzalez arrived to that diplomatic mission on Monday accompanied by his lawyer Phillip Horowitz, to begin the formal procedure of relinquishing his U.S. citizenship, a condition imposed by Judge Joan Lenard to allow him to stay permanently in Cuba.

Rene was in prison for 13 years and after finishing serving his sentence on October 7, 2011, the U.S. judicial system, in what was considered by experts as another arbitrary act, imposed on him three years of supervised release, which forced him to stay in U.S. territory.

This is the second time that he visits Havana with permission of the U.S. judicial authorities; the first one took place in March, 2012, due to the serious condition of his brother Roberto, and this time, in April, due to the death of his father.

On May 3, Judge Joan Lenard accepted the request presented by Rene Gonzalez to modify the conditions of his supervised release and allow him to stay in Cuba, in exchange for relinquishing his U.S. citizenship. (ACN, Invasor)

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