Friday, May 24, 2013

Sapiens or Fools?

Homo Sapiens is the magnificent two word combination that we humans have “invented” to designate our own species.

Those two words come from the Latin language. The first means man, and the second means thinking.

But look around you today, and specifically look very closely at the history of the twentieth century. Would you call the adult humans who lived in those ten decades thinking people?

More than 60 million people in WWII were killed, which was over 2.5% of the world population, because we, Homo Sapiens, continued to use something that we also invented: WAR.

I believe that a better word to call our own species is either Homo Fools or Homo Stupidus.

Who “invented” nuclear weapons? The Americans! I am not referring here to the people who reside in what José Martí called “Our América,” but to the descendants of the Anglo-Saxons who now reside in a conglomeration of 50 states who call themselves “The United States of America.” They have a somewhat artistic flag with 13 bars and 50 white stars.

Which brings me to the point that I want to discuss and make.

Cuba is a very small, yet also very proud, country.  During the time period 1902-1958 it was ruled by very pliant puppets who were imposed on the people of the island by the various ruling governments (Democrats and Republicans) of the country with the artistic flag.

That was stopped by the Cuban people on January First, 1959, thanks to the courageous leadership of Fidel Castro Ruz and a very good group of true Cuban patriots.

Recently, the second president of the truly free Republic of Cuba has started instituting “reforms.” The capitalist press in the United States, and also those evil capitalists who rule the colossus of the North, have been jumping up and down with joy. They publish daily in their newspapers, ad nauseum, that Cuba is abandoning Socialism and reverting to the dog-eat-dog U.S. capitalism of the 1902-1958 era.

Cuba, please don't bring a Troy Horse inside the island. The capitalists in the USA are not your fiends. Barack H. Obama and his sycophants are not people who are worthy of trust.

The Mexicans call them Green-go. It is very appropiate. All they care about is the green in the back of their dollars. They do not love or care for Cuba and its people.

Completely ignore the call that someone made a few years back for “Cuba to open itself to the world.'”

Keep Cuba a closed society for the enjoyment of its own people. Do not contaminate “The Most Beautiful Land That Man Has Ever Seen,” and do not bring the enemy with its dark horse inside the island.

If you do, you will destroy the Cuba of  José Martí.

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