Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The spectacle was performed in almost secrecy. The American people had to find out what happened by reading the foreign press. It was not published in the front pages of any U.S. newspaper. Google did not bother to put it in its news agregator.

It is like if the 99 U.S. Senators were ashamed of what they were doing. They almost huddled in secret on a dark corner of the U.S. Congress and they did it.

It is now the official policy of the United States government to promote a new war. Mothers of America, do you know what is going on? Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress want your children for cannon fodder!

The U.S. Senate gave unanimous approval to Senate Resolution 65, which gives the go-ahead to the warmongering Jews of the state of Israel to start a new world war conflagration. The Jews of Israel have the green light from their imperialist masters to start new and bigger genocides. They are now the newly appointed U.S. mercenaries.

The resolution states that it will support militarily those foreign Jews when they start a new war against Iran, a country that has not attacked the U.S., and which has a right to protect and defend itself against the wars of aggressions of Obama and his subservient Jews of Israel.

Message to Barack Obama and the U.S. Senate: the blood which will be shed in this new war will be on your hands and consciences. I greatly doubt that you have either consciences, morals or ethics.


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