Saturday, May 04, 2013

Tampa International Airport Flights to Holguín, Cuba, to Resume

Three months after the fights were suspended, Tampa International Airport announced on Thursday [5/2/2013] that it would host new seasonal flights to Holguín, Cuba. Starting next month, ABC Charters will fly once a week to the East Cuba beach town, about 500 miles [wrong distance] from Havana, airport officials said. The flights will run on Tuesdays between June and August and between December and January to cater to summer and Christmas vacationers, airport CEO Joe Lopano. (The Ledger)

JG: Tampa International airport knows very little about Cuba's geography. Holguín is not 500 miles from Havana.

When it comes to the “travel” to Cuba industry, Tampa has the same problem as Miami, extremely dishonest capitalist Cuban-American businesses. I was the victim of one of their scams. I will not give Tampa International Airport a wooden nickel.


Brrr said...

You Bet. You want to go to Cuba, come to Canada first. Not only is it way easier (far less red tape), but it costs a lot less, and the operators are far more trustworthy.

Cuba Journal said...

I think I will do that. Are you in the East coast of Canada? I have visited British Columbia several times, and I loved the place.

Brrr said...

I'm in Manitoba, smack dab in the middle of the country. Lots of very inexpensive options from here. I take the whole family every year.

East coast flights and packages are even cheaper though -definitely your best bet if traveling from Florida.

Anonymous said...

That's good news for folks who have family in Holguin, but yes i share some of your same concerns regarding the charter companies who own the monopoly on direct flights to Cuba.

First off the flights themselves are ridiculously expensive, especially in the peak seasons, the check-in process is a nightmare which once almost cost me to miss my flight thanks to the disorganization and apathy of the employees, and they nickel-and-dime you at every turn when it comes to baggage. Since they know Cuban-Americans take multiple stuffed bags to help family they put a charge on every bag, including carry-on, and charge you $2 per every pound overweight. Cuba is the only international destination where these absurd charges are applied. Its crazy, but until we have open travel to Cuba with multiple Airlines and travel companies competing with each other, this abuse will continue to happen and the charter company owners will continue to get rich on the backs of Cuban-Americans.

Cuba Journal said...


I share your concerns. Any time that you have a capitalist monopoly, be it charter flights to Cuba, telephones, cable service, etc., they have you by the balls and can charge anything they want.

Flights to Cuba is one of the biggest SCAMS of American capitalism.

Brr say that it is cheaper to fly to Cuba from Canada. Since I have never done that, I do not know whether it is true or not.

Get in touch with him. He lives in Canada.

Thanks for your visit.