Monday, June 03, 2013


Throughout the history of mankind many empires have existed. Few have lasted. Why?

The reason lies in the fact that man is a very imperfect creature.

Seeking an explanation that would answer the eternal question of  “Why am I here?” man invented religion. That institution immediately proceeded to engage in an alliance with the  military.

With religion, the ruling elites seek to try to control you with their favorite opiate. With their military they seek to conquer and plunder foreign lands, and in many cases to unleash a wave of oppression on the people of their own country.

Those two institutions have caused more death and suffering in our planet than anything else in recorded history.

The Babylonians and the Egyptian were two of the early great empires. Where are they today? Gone!

Greece and Alexander the Great ruled many lands and built a great empire. They are gone, too!

The mighty and Holy Roman empire at one time ruled most of our planet. Where are they today?  Extinct! Internal decadence and decay and hordes of barbarians destroyed them. Religion and the Roman legions could not save any of the Caesars. All that is left is their Coliseum and their crumbling statutes.

In more recent times, the British, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and French empires spread their military power throughout the globe during many centuries. Their empires disappeared one by one. Again, internal decay and decadence was the main cause.

Last but not least are the U.S. imperialists. They have not learned the lessons of history. The USA tries and does indeed stick their uninvited noses into every corner of the world. They invented nuclear weapons. That will eventually destroy them. What goes around comes around.

To see the decay and decadence of this latest “mighty” empire go to Las Vegas, Nevada. Gambling, prostitution, organized crime, immorality; anything goes in that modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

This empire will disappear too, eventually.

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