Thursday, June 13, 2013

Second Game: Villa Clara defeats Matanzas 8-1 and takes the lead in the finals of Cuba's 52nd National Baseball Series

Wining Pitcher Misael Siverio
Photo: FCBA


The winning pitcher was Misael Siverio (10-7) and the loser was Joel Suarez (15-4).

The Oranges now have a comfortable lead (2-0) in the final series which will decide who is the new champion of Cuban Baseball.

The third game will be on Saturday night, starting at 8:15 p.m.


Brrr said...

Go Naranja Go!!

I big regret after so many trips to Cuba, is a STILL have yet to see a baseball game there. EVERY TIME I'm there, there's either a break in the schedule, or the team closest to where I'm staying is on an extended road trip.

Trying to book a trip around the schedule in nearly impossible too, as the published schedule on the webpage rarely has any correlation to when the games are really played. There were supposed to be several Villa Clara games during the time I was there in January -- but there wasn't! :(

Cuba Journal said...

The Naranjas have a very good team. If they win the finals, they will represent Cuba at the Serie del Caribe to which Cuba is returning in February of 2014. It will be a great series.