Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Cuba of U.S.-Supported General Fulgencio Batista

Above is the Cuba that Dubbya & Black Big Ears want to “transition” back to and re-impose on the Cuban people. When they say that they are promoting the return of “democracy” to Cuba, this is the Cuba that they want to re-export to the island.

George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama certainly would not invite you to visit the White House to show you this photo. They were and are too busy doling out 20 million dollars to their CIA mercenaries in the island for their dreamed “transition.”

When the Yankee imperialists ruled Cuba with their so-called "American Dream" this is how the peasants of Cuba lived.

The Yankee millionaires and billionaires, who owned most of the land on the island, lived in sumptuous palaces in Miramar with dozens of black maids cleaning their daily shit. Their pedigreed dogs had juicy and meaty pork chops for lunch while the ladies of  the high society were busy playing at the Vedado Tennis Club, with their lover of the week. In the countryside, Cuban peasants were starving.

“Y en eso llegó Fidel”

And Then Fidel Arrived!

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