Friday, June 07, 2013

The Death of Privacy

When George Orwell wrote his seminal and prophetic masterpiece “1984” he was telling us very vividly about the human race in general and its very dark future. Ideologues will try to convince you that he was writing about the now defunct Soviet Union. The case can also be made that he was giving us a very grim revelation about the horrors of Germany's Third Reich. He saw the future and it was not very pretty.

When Homo Sapient invented computers maybe we were manufacturing our own future destruction.

The world today is not getting any better. It is getting much, much worse. Except of course, for the capitalist millionaires and billionaires. But they live very sad lives behind their gated and walled mansions. They can't purchase happiness with their gazillions of dollars.

When Barack Obama sends his computerized drones around the world using the excuse of fighting “terrorism” he is demonstrating how evil we human beings have become. We are destruction and mayhem. We could very well open a new capitalist business and give it the very appropriate name of “Death R' Us.”

Billions of records are mined today to find out what do you like and dislike, so that the capitalists can sell you even more junk. Don't have enough room for all your junk? Rent three or four rooms at a “storage” business. I you die and have no heirs, the capitalists will sell again all of your private junk for even more profits for their pockets.

Uncle Sam wants to know who is talking to whom. It goes to Verizon and says: give us the records of all the telephone calls made within th United States. Why? Because we are God and we want to “protect” you!

Has Homo Sapient entered a downward spiral to his own destruction?

Capitalism = Destruction and Death.

That is what George Orwell was writing about in “1984.”

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