Monday, June 17, 2013

The Visit

© 2013 Jorge R. Gonzalez

The interstellar vehicle emerged from the tunnel after a voyage that had only taken but the briefest of moments. It entered into the orbit of a tiny object which circled a very bright star.

“We are now circling the object and we will begin our observations immediately ” they radioed to their base.

“This is Zedor,” their world answered back. “We want a report as soon as possible. Proceed with caution.”

They drove their vehicle around the object thousands of times and started watching it very carefully with their ultra-blue rays. They were totally invisible to the objects they were observing.

After a very long, long time, communications were established again.

“Z-21 to Zedor, stand by for report number one” the commander of the vehicle messaged mission central in his world.

“You are now cleared for report number one, Z-21.” came the reply.

“Here is our first report, Zedor. We have downloaded quadrillions of data quips from our blue-ray machine.”

“The creatures that inhabit this tiny object call it 'Earth.' Most of it is water, but they also have very large areas that they call 'continents.' The first examination of their central control center, which is located in something that they call 'brain' reveal that they have very limited intelligence. They are billions of years behind us in that respect. They will be very easy pickings for our advanced civilization.”

“Well, Z-21, right now we do not need to proceed with any new conquests. Tell me more about this 'Earth' that you came upon.”

“Yes, sir. In the areas that they call 'continents' they have subdivisions which they call 'countries.' Each country is ruled by a chief. They are very primitive in that respect.”

“Z-21, are they a peaceful creatures?”

“No, sir. They have something that they call 'wars' in which they annihilate each other.”

“What? Could you please repeat that? I find that very hard to believe.”

“It is the sad truth, sir. Our blue-rays have examined something that they call 'encyclopedias.' They are permanent records of their recorded history. Millions of these creatures have been eliminated in these 'wars.'”

“It is indeed very sad, Z-21. We may have to teach them something. Are you up to the task?”

“Your wish is my command, Zedor.”

“Tell me Z-21, which 'country' seems to be the most advanced?”

“Zedor, upon more close examination of the data-quips that we have now placed permanently in our very powerful storage centers, it is revealed that the most advanced and powerful country calls itself 'USA.'”

“What is that, Z-21?”

“It is something which they call an 'abbreviation' or 'acronym'. It is the name of a country which calls itself the United States of America.”

“Why is it so advanced and powerful, Z-21?”

“It is because they invented something which they call 'nuclear weapons.'”

“Tell me more about those weapons.”

“Well, sir, compared to our weapons, they are next to nothing. But in their 'wars' if they use these crude and primitive devices they can eliminate millions of the creatures in this 'Earth' in a matter of seconds.”

“Z-21, I am appointing you to teach this powerful 'chief' something that we learned in our world millions of years ago.”

“I am at your orders, sir”

The crew of the stellar vehicle proceeded to scan the 'encyclopedia' that they had obtained from the warring 'Earth' creatures. In just but a couple of seconds they obtained the location of this powerful but primitive country that called itself 'USA.' Using their super fast H-879 stellar speed they proceeded to the capital of the country. They were still using their blue-ray powers on an 'invisible' mode. They proceeded to place their ship just 100 feet above a place that the creatures called the 'White House.'

“This is Z-21 to the rest of the crew. We will proceed with operation 33MIR. Is everyone ready?”

“Yes sir, we are ready! The crew screamed in unison.”

“Z-21 to shield coordinator. Remove invisible mode and engage communications with the 'chief' of the USA.”

The 'Earth' creatures had a very amusing name for their own kind when they referred to people that spent innumerable hours gawking at buildings, streets, monuments, etc. They called them 'tourists.'

When the stellar ship became visible to the tourists, they all started running in a panic.

“This is Z-21. We come in peace and we wish to communicate with the chief of the USA.”

The voice enveloped the residence where the 'chief' resided. The message was repeated over and over.
There was no answer from inside the 'White House.'

“This is Z-21 from inside the stellar ship. You have three minutes to come out, or we will bring you out forcefully to the garden of your residence.”

A man with dark skin and big ears came out to the garden.

“What is it you want?” he shouted toward the stellar ship.

“It is not about what we want, it is all about what you are going to do if you want to live any longer. This is commander Z-21 from a planet far-far away in another galaxy. You have five minutes to sign an agreement where you will allow us to destroy all of your nuclear weapons.”

“I will not do such a thing. We are the most powerful country in the world”

“You are nothing! Do you want us to give you a demonstration of what we can do to your city?”

“You are bluffing! Go to hell!”

“This is commander Z-21: if you do not comply we will make ruble out of a building that you call the 'pentagon.'

“The USA does not kneel before anyone.”

The stellar ship roared up and engaged its invisible mode. It proceeded to place itself 100 feet above the building that the earth creatures called the 'pentagon' and it sent a warning to the people inside the building that they had 30 minutes to leave. They complied. The whole episode was carried live by CNN to the whole planet.

After the 'pentagon' was empty, the stellar ship went up to a height of 3 miles and pointed its deadly blue-ray toward the 'pentagon.' In less than five minutes it was a useless pile of ruble.

“Z-21 to communications, engage the 'White House' in a secure line.”

“Done!” replied the clerk.

“Are you going to sign the document that we asked you to sign?”

“We will not,” replied big ears.

“This is Z-21 to USA 'chief.' The next building that we will raze will be the 'capitol.'”

“O.K., if you insist, I will sign.” replied big ears.

Over the next 30 days, all nuclear weapons in the planet called 'Earth' were destroyed.

“Z-21 to Zedor: The assignment that you gave me has been finished. We are returning to home base.”

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