Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Barack Obama Is Keeping Allan Gross in a Cuban Jail. Why?

POTUS #44 is too arrogant to admit that his administration blundered badly when he sent Mr. Gross to brazenly violate Cuba's national security and sovereignty. Do you remember when Dwight D. Eisenhower sent Gary Powers in a U-2  over the skies of the Soviet Union? They also whined when he was shot down.

Obama insults the intelligence of the peoples of our planet when he tries to convince us that Mr. Gross only went to Cuba to have a cafe con leche and attend services at a synagogue.

Mr. Gross was and is a typical covert agent of the Yankee imperialists, who violated important Cuban laws. If you believe the tall tales that he was merely a “contractor,” you are a big fool. The CIA has always used mercenaries for hire, since they are totally amoral.

If Mr. Obama wants to bring  Allan Gross home all he has do is sit down with Cuba to negotiate (as equals) a prisoner exchange. Mr. Gross for the Cuban Five.

But Mr. Obama is afraid that if he does that he will stop receiving the monetary contributions of the Miami fascists. IT'S THE MONEY STUPID!

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