Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Wed. July 3rd, 2013, Scoreboard: Cuba 4, Netherlands 0 (FINAL)

2:27 p.m. After three complete innings, Cuba has two hits, and the Netherlands one.

Malleta and Fernndez had singles for the criollos.

Wilber Perez is pitching for Cuba, and Orlando Yntema for the Netherlands.

So far, it is a pitchers duel.

Cuba comes to bat at the top of the 5th inning.

Morejon singles to let field for Cuba with two outs.

Arrubaruena singles through the left side. Men on first and second. Two outs.

Heredia flies out to right field. End of the top of the fifth inning for Cuba.

The tulips have connected two hits in the bottom of their fifth inning.

The tulips have the bases loaded with two outs.

Third out. The threat fizzles.

After five complete innings, Cuba 0, Netherlands 0.

Cuba comes to bat in the top of the sixth inning.

Hernandez, Gourriel and Malleta do not produce. Three outs.

Three outs for the tulips.

After six complete innings, still 0-0.

Will the game be decided by a home run? Can Cuba do it? Si, se puede. Yes, we can!

Top of the 7th. Cuba comes to bat.

Fernandez flies out to left.

Tomas flies out to center field. Two outs.

Peraza flies out to left field. Cuba does not produce.

The game continues to be a pitchers duel. Criollos have four hits, the tulips three.

Two very quick outs for the Netherlands in the bottom of the seventh inning.

Third out. Seven complete innings. Still 0-0.

Cuba's turn on the top of the eighth inning. LETS GO CUBA!

Morejon at bat. MOREJON WALKS!

Ibanez pinch ran for Morejon and advanced to second.

Hernandez pinch hit for Heredia. Single. IBANEZ SCORES!

Hernandez is now on third base.

Gourriel ground out to third base, but produces an RBI. Hernadez scores.

Cuba now has two runs.

The 8th finishes for Cuba. GOOD JOB! 

Netherlands 8th inning, man on 1B and 2B. They are threatening again.

One Out. Two Outs. Lets get that important third out.

Cuba brings in Rasiel Iglesias to pitch.

And Iglesias proceeds to get the third out. BRAVO!

Cuba's ninth inning. Jose Miguel Fernandez at bat. He singles to SS and is now on first base.

Yasmani Tomas at bat. He singles through the left side. Fernandez advances to second. Men on first base and second base for Cuba.

Moncada to pinch hit for Peraza. He is out at first, but the runners advance to second and third base.

It would be nice to have another run.

Eriel Sanchez at bat. Sanchez singles to right. Tomas and Fernandez scored. 2 RBI.

Cuba 4, Netherlands 0.

Last chance for the tulips in the bottom of the ninth inning.
Meer tripled to right field.

Nooij grounded out to the pitcher. Dantji struck out.

Two outs.

Duursma strikes out.


Winner: Perez. Loser: Yntema

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