Friday, July 05, 2013

One Man's Opinion About What Is Happening in Egypt

The so-called “revolution” against Hosni Mubarak was a totally fake revolution. When people take power, the military always strikes back.

It happened in Spain. It put in power a people’s oriented system, and the Generalissimo Francisco Franco struck back, imposing a brutal dictatorship. The “democracies” in the West did not have the cojones that was needed to help the people.

It happened in Chile. The people elected a Socialist, and fascist Augusto Pinochet, with help from the Yankee imperialists, struck back.

The United States has always favored military coups and dictatorships. This goes to show you that what we have in the United States is a hugely fake democracy. It is Big Capital which rules the country and the new “circus” is the iPads and iPhones for the American iFools. Democracy, what democracy? We are too busy playing with our gadgets.

I feel very sorry for the people of Egypt. A huge dictatorship will follow and it will be supported by the evil technocrats of Barack Obama and other imperialist countries like Britain and France.

Want to have a real people’s democracy? The old military order has to be totally destroyed. Lenin, Mao and Fidel did that. People should learn from history.

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