Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Polk County Paranoid? Sorry folks, but we have a few Tea Baggers!

Fort Meade cops pull over
Wikileaks Truck
for disseminating
“Top Secret WikiLeaks Info”

Who knew that the WikiLeaks Truck was chock full of Top Secret Info–just like it says in bold lettering on the side!

Clark Stoeckley was pulled over this eveng while driving the WikiLeaks Truck–no connection to media group WikiLeaks–after a long day at Fort Meade covering whistleblower Bradley Manning’s trial. Stoeckley is a cartoonist who has published a book about Manning’s pre-trial hearings.

His tweets recounting his chat with the Fort Meade officers speak for themselves. It was Stoeckley who got pulled over, but the punchline is how someone pulled one over on these two cops for a laugh.

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