Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sanctions against Cuba: the private CASH COW machine of Barack H. Obama

Cuba Criticizes US Embargo Fine for AmEx, Bank

Associated Press
Cuba is objecting to the U.S. government's recent sanctions against companies for violating the 51-year-old economic and financial embargo against the island.

A Foreign Ministry statement notes last week's settlement in which American Express Co. agreed to pay $5.2 million because of more than 14,000 tickets it issued for travel between Cuba and other countries.

It also says Intesa SanPaolo paid a fine of nearly $3 million on June 28 after the U.S. Treasury Department determined that the Italian bank had processed 53 financial transfers involving Cuba between 2004 and 2008.

The Foreign Ministry accuses Washington of repeatedly "making absurd concessions" to the Cuban exile lobby.

The statement was published Tuesday in Communist Party newspaper Granma. (ABC NEWS)

JG: Does the cash make it possible for Barack H. Obama to pay for all his foreign junkets?

Barack H. Obama, like Bill Clinton in 1996, continues to be in bed with the prostitutes of the Miami fascists. Cash is the only thing that matters.

Allowing "people-to-people" trips to Cuba is just a fig leave. Does he get commissions from that too?



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