Monday, July 01, 2013

Scoreboard: Cuba 0, The Netherlands 7 (Final Score)

July 1, 2013, Rotterdam Inter Ports Baseball Tournament

2:25 p.m. Two complete innings have been completed.

Two very good pitchers: the veteran Rob Cordemans for the Tulips and Noelvis Entenza for the Criollos.

Three complete innings. Same score. Netherlands has four hits, Cuba has one. 

2:42 p.m. Four complete innings. Netherlands has five hits, Cuba has one.

The Netherlands is threatening again on the fifth inning.

The Tulips score one more run.

Noevis Entenza is taken out of the game. Jorge Hernández is the new pitcher for Cuba and The Netherlands has the bases loaded.

They did not score any more runs.

Holland always has a very good team that knows how to play good baseball.

Cuba does not score in their fifth inning. They only have two hits in the game. Cordemans is dominating them.

3:16 p.m. Cuba comes to bat in the bottom of the sixth inning. They only have two hists so far. No runs. They have three more innings to mount a rally, but Cordemans is a very good pitcher.

3:28 p.m. Cuba comes to bat in their lucky seventh.

Jose Dariel Abreu has a hit.

Another hit by Yasmani Tomas. Two men on base.

The threat evaporates. Cuba does not score.

The Netherlands scores two more runs on the top of the eight inning.

Cuba is in a very difficult situation.

Cuba comes to bat at the bottom of the eighth inning. We need a miracle or a grand slam.

Cuba does not score. It only has one more inning to overcome the four runs of the Tulips.

The Netherlands score one more run.

It is over for Cuba. How sad! Life must continue. The Netherlands has a good baseball club.

The score is now final.

Winner: Rob Cordemans. Loser: Noelvis Enteza.

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