Saturday, August 17, 2013

About the Cuba Issue

Has anyone noticed that when discussing or talking about the Cuba issue, the Yankee imperialists like certain words and there are other words that they never use or promote?

Words that the imperialists like: defectors, transition, dissidents.

The imperialists can never forgive Cuba for having waged a very successful socialist revolutions only 90 miles from the shores of the empire. You can experience and feel their hate every time that they talk about Cuba. They tend to use words with negative connotations. Words that describe good things in the island they never use, or conveniently forget.

Vladimir I. Lenin hit the bulls-eye when he said that 'imperialism is the last phase of [a dying ] capitalism."

The only thing that Americans and their politicians care about or love is money.

When they tell you that they are trying to promote “democracy” in Cuba, you should respond: BULL SHIT! The only thing that they promote are policies that put money in their pockets. Social responsibility are two words that you seldom hear capitalists talk about.

Lets analyze the word defectors. Because the imperialists always try to promote a negativity viewpoint about Cuba, this is a word that they love to use.

Cuba is a proud but poor country. It just can not afford to pay its baseball players the millions that Major League Baseball wastes on so called “stars.” Alex Rodriguez is a case in point. His “accomplishments'' were based on taking performance enhancement substances. You will never find that in a poor baseball player in Cuba. Examples: Alfredo Despaigne, Pedro Luis Lazo and so many others that I would need two or three pages to just print their names.

They play in Cuba because they love the game and the millions of adoring fans. They do not love the almighty dollar more than they love the country that saw them being born.

Next, lets talk about the word transition. This is another word that the imperialists love. They want to transition Cuba to “democracy.” They must think that the Cuban people are stupid. The “democracy” that Barack Obama wants for Cuba is the one that General El Sisi is trying to “transition” to in Egypt.

Last but not least is the word dissidents. That, for the imperialists, is any person who is promoting capitalism. The Cuban people do not pay any attention to them. The people know who pays them and directs them. Remember the Bay of Pigs?

Have you ever heard the Yankee imperialists talk about Operación Milagro?” (Operation Miracle). You will never find an article about Cuba in the New York Times or the Washington Post that talks about this operation of  “people helping people.”

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