Monday, August 19, 2013

Mexicans dance to the rhythm of Cuba's danzón

Couples dance to the rhythm of danzón in Mexico City. 
Photograph: Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP

Young Mexicans embrace the seductive charms of the dance that Cuba forgot

Every weekend, hundreds of couples descend on Mexico City's Plaza de la Ciudadela to gently seduce each other in the elegant dance known as danzón. The dancers converge in the pretty square, known locally as the Plaza de Danzón, to dance to classic Cuban melodies in what could be mistaken for a scene from a 1940s film.

In fact, it is part of an extraordinary effort to help danzón thrive in Mexico, while it has effectively vanished in Cuba, where it originated almost 150 years ago.

The effort is working, as growing numbers of children and young Mexicans flock to festivals and join classes to learn the elegant steps and dress up in the flamboyant costumes of danzón.


JG: Modern dances of the XXI century do not come even close to the beauty and elegance of El Danzón.

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