Saturday, August 03, 2013

One of Cuba's Biggest Scams!

Charging $170.00 to Cubans who left in 1961 and now live in the U.S., and who want to visit the place where they were born.

Maybe there is some truth to the reports that Cuba is "embracing" capitalism. Scams in the land of Uncle Sam are 'el pan nuestro de cada dia.'

Is Cuba so desperate for dollars that they want to stick their hand into my pocket and grab $170.00 from my pension check?

I do not mind paying $25.00 for a tourist card, but I see $170.00 as a capitalist scam.

It was bad enough to have to deal with a Cuban scum from Tampa, FL, who goes by the name of Vicente Amor, (his gay friends call him Mr. Love?), but having to deal with scum in Cuba, I did not expect.

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