Friday, August 09, 2013

The rose colored dreams of gusano Juan Tamayo at the Miami Herald

Welcome to the "DREAM OF THE MONTH CLUB" at the Miami Herald.

These right-wing gusanos who live in the cesspool of Southern Florida keep on dreaming that "something" will happen in Cuba that will restore the Batistianos to power in Havana.

The chapter story for this week is titled: Cuban dissident: opposition may eventually spark a work stoppage "

If you are a frequent visitor to Cuba Journal, you and I know that the so-called "dissidents" are nothing more than highly paid mercenaries of Yankee imperialism inside the island. The Cuban people do not pay any attention to the garbage that they publish on a daily or weekly basis.

Do you want to laugh with me? Read the first paragraph of their latest weekly invention:

"Opponents of the Cuban government may eventually spark a gradual work stoppage against the government that would undermine Havana’s ability to repress dissent, according to activist Jorge Luís García Pérez, also known as “Antúnez.”


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