Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yoelvis Fiss helps Team Cuba to defeat Japan by 8-7 today

Yoelvis Fiss

Cuba was losing 4-7 against Japan on the ninth inning. And then, Yoelvis came to bat. He connected a HR with two criollos on base. That won the game.

This game proves, one more time, that Cuba should always be represented by teams that are champions on the playing field. Committees of bureaucrats do not know much about Cuban baseball. Roger Machado is doing a SUPERB job!  



Brrr said...

Thanks for these updates Jorge! My parents live very close to Prince George, and are big baseball fans, and they never knew this tournament even existed until I told them what I was reading on your blog!! Crazy when someone in Florida has to get you news out of Cuba to tell you what''s happening in your own neighborhood in northern Canada!

My dad was at this game, but he had to leave early, and missed the comeback!

Cuba Journal said...

I have been to British Columbia several times when I was living in Portland, Oregon.

It is a very beautiful place. Butchart Gardens was fabulously pretty. And I loved taking the ferry to go to Victoria and being able to see the provincial parliament building.

Cuba will play tonight at 7 pm for the championship crown of the Canadian World Baseball Challenge.