Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Is Raúl Castro's government in Cuba “pidiendo el agua por señas?” (Asking for water with hand signals?)

I will not be as stupid as the Miami gusanos, who when bad signals come from Cuba they rush to the Miami Herald and write and publish silly articles titled “Cuban communism is close to collapse.” They are only trying to fool themselves!

But bad signs continue to come from Cuba. Economically, the island is a basket case. The Cuban leaders were good revolutionaries when battling U.S. supported puppet General Batista in the 1950's,  but very poor administrators since 1959.

Cuba will never be able to convince me that they are a “democracy.” It is in fact an autocratic one-party state.

In my opinion Cuba has given two very bad signals recently:

1.                  The prohibition of private movie and video games salons.
2.                  The opening of the special economic zone in Mariel.

The state DOES NOT need to own and control everything. Only autocracies do that!

The opening of a special economic zone in the port of Mariel is the worst signal of the two. You can not have your cake and eat it too, Cuba! You want to criticize worldwide capitalism and at the same time allow capitalist corporations from abroad to come into the island and pay Cuban workers with peanuts? That is not ethical or honest! Please, don't make me laugh.

The fact that Mexico recently forgave a $500 million (U.S. dollars loan) to the island is also another bad sign.

Marxism is no longer relevant in the XXI century. Pragmatism and failed ideologies are never compatible.

To be continued...       

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