Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Raul Castro calls for the start of an strategic exercise called “Bastión 2013"

Here is what was said by Cuba's President of the Council of State and Ministers:

"We propose, as a general objective, to continue to raise the level of preparation and cohesion of all bodies and controls in all instances, the troops, the economy and the people, to confront the different actions of the enemy."

Ordenó Raúl iniciar el Ejercicio Estratégico “Bastión 2013"

JG: Barack Obama has not been any different than Dubbya. His cosmetic changes in Cuba policies are meant to fool the gullible people of the United States. Capitalism hates socialism and Barack Obama continues to seek the destruction of Cuba's chosen economic and political system. Like his predecessor, Barack Obama is not worthy of trust on the Cuba issue.

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