Friday, November 01, 2013

The Whinning Society


Any program that seeks to help average people, rather than help millionaires, billionaires or big capitalist corporations is going to be a program that is viciously attacked by right-wing extremists, among whom are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, a pair of know-nothing with fascist tendencies.

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the President who saved capitalism from itself in the 1930's, proposed and enacted the Social Security program, he was hated from day one of his presidency. His response was a courageous one:I welcome the hatred of Wall Street.”

When LBJ proposed and enacted Medicare, history tried to repeat itself. What destroyed LBJ was the Vietnam War and not Medicare. Because Medicare is a single payer health care system for Seniors, the extremist right-wingers hate it with a passion and are still trying to destroy it today. A chained CPI (Cut Peoples Income) is their latest gimmicky proposal.

The problem with Obamacare is that it was a flawed program from day one. It is not a single-payer system. Barack Obama does not have the guts or the spine to fight back against the entrenched capitalist powers of today. He is a compromiser, not a fighter.

The Internet portal for Obamacare was designed and programmed by incompetents. According to CBS News it has cost the taxpayers $394 million dollars. The greedy capitalists still received their profits for a portal that does not work. They sold a shoddy product!

And now, all the extremists from the right spend all of their time whining about Obamacare, the same way that they whine about anything that helps average people. They hate Food Stamps, now re-baptized and born again as SNAP. They hate WIC. They hate Head Start. They hate any program that helps average people. But these Tea Bagger Republicans love subsidies and tax cuts for the top 1% very much. They never whine about that!

Also, these right-wing extremists LOVE to spend 60% of the Federal Budget on a bunch of Generals with dozens of tin foils attached to their chests. These Generals retire with pensions above $200,000.00 per year. They continue to be attached to the taxpayer tit after they “retire” from battles they did not win in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They are parasites!

The attitude of American capitalists today is to deliver shoddy products at a very high price, and laugh and whine at the same time all the way to the bank to deposit their ill gotten profits.

This nation is doomed!

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