Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Two Very Important Initiatives Will Be Voted Upon Today by the People of the State of Washington

Washington State Flag

Initiatives and referendums are very big and very popular in the Pacific Northwest, (Oregon and Washington.) They are the purest form of direct people's democracy. The voters have the ultimate and final voice. They decide. They are sovereign.

The residents of SeaTac, a small city south of Seattle, will vote on an initiative that raises the minimum wage of workers to $15.00 per hour. It is called Initiative One. It has very strong labor support. Read more about it in yesforseatac.com.    

Statewide, the residents of Washington also will vote today on initiative I-522, which will require the mandatory identification and labeling of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms.) in foods and commodities sold to the public. Read about it in Wikipedia.

Link to the PDF file which has the text of the proposed new GMO labeling law.


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