Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wake Up Seniors! Barack Obama's Chained CPI Chains Taxpayers

One of the least discussed, but potentially most significant, provisions in President Obama’s budget is the use of the “chained consumer price index” (chained CPI), to measure the effect of inflation on people’s standard of living. Chained CPI is an effort to alter the perceived impact of inflation via the gimmick of “full substitution.” This is the assumption that when the price of one consumer product increases, consumers will simply substitute a similar, lower-cost product with no adverse effect. Thus, the government decides your standard of living is not affected if you can no longer afford to eat steak, as long as you can afford to eat hamburger. 

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When you can no longer afford hamburger, Obama wants you to substitute cat food for it!

I have already contacted my Congressman and informed him that if he votes for Obama's Chained CPI I will not vote for him on November 2014. I urge you to do the same.

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