Monday, December 16, 2013

LANDSLIDE! Socialist Michelle Bachelet wins more than 60% of the votes for president of Chile

Congratulations! Onwards to building the socialism of the XXI century.

The Guardian: Chile election victor Michelle Bachelet pledges major reforms

New president to raise corporate tax and overhaul education after landslide win over conservative Evelyn Matthei.

Here is an excerpt of what Bachelet said after her 62% victory:

"Chile has looked at itself, has looked at its path, its recent history, its wounds, its feats, its unfinished business and this Chile has decided it is the time to start deep transformations," Bachelet told a jubilant crowd of supporters on Sunday night as confetti rained down. "There is no question about it: profits can't be the motor behind education because education isn't merchandise and because dreams aren't a consumer good."

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