Wednesday, January 08, 2014

An open question for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Full disclosure: I am an admirer of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Why? Because he consistently defends the interests of the working class.

I know what he said about the Cuba embargo on Feb 20, 2008.

Here it is:

Reacting to the resignation of the aging and ailing Fidel Castro, Vermont's congressional delegation said the United States should reconsider its failed policy of isolating Cuba, according to The Associated Press. "With or without Castro, the United States should move toward normalized relations with Cuba," Senator Bernie Sanders said. "American businesses are losing billions of dollars and Canadians and Europeans are winning business as a result of our economic embargo. I hope the Cuban people will use this transfer of power to move toward a more democratic society. In the process, I hope the United States will respect the independence of the Cuban people."


Castro Exits (

That was almost six years ago.

My question is, since Senator Sanders consistently votes with the Democratic Party and caucus with them, how does he feels about Barack Obama and his five years of failed Cuba policies?

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