Thursday, January 09, 2014


American capitalist ruling elites are so desperate about accumulating even more income inequality at the highest levels of our economy that they are expanding their BOGO charades (buy one, get one free) to new and unexpected levels.

A  few weeks ago I was watching one of the garbage TV programs that they are giving us on a daily basis, when a car dealer in new automobiles in Naples, Florida, debuted their new BOGO commercial, buy one new car and get the second one free, (manufactured probably in Bangladesh, where there are no safety regulations in manufacturing.) Raul Castro should explore this new opportunity in selling new cars to the Cuban population, now that he has decided to go 100% capitalist.

But wait, If you call my 800 free telephone number right now, you get even more for the same price!

Barack Obama and John Kerry are taking this “revolutionary” BOGO idea to new and unprecedented levels.

We all know that they both have been itching to start new foreign wars to try to counteract the downward economic spiral of American capitalism, since they are running out of shit to sell to the American people.

War # 1 will be started as a joint effort with the Zionist Jews of Israel and it will be against Iran.

This week, John Kerry came up with the idea of expanding BOGO in foreign wars to Korea.

He declared that God has appointed the U.S. as the Savior of our planet and we will give you a BOGO war against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The imperialists claim that Kim Jong Un has been planning (in the half-time period of his basketball games) to launch an attack against U.S. puppet, South Korea.

GOD SAVE OUR PLANET! Homo sapient is doomed!

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