Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Historical Photos: 14 September 1959

What happens when you have in power a government that truly cares for its people?

To find out, see the three photos below:

Rebel Army Comander Camilo Cienfuegos starts to demolish a wall in General Fulgencio Batista's Columbia Barracks in Havana. From this “home” of Cuba's top military scum, the general flew, with his tail between his legs, to Santo Domingo on January First, 1959. Cuba was finally free of the U.S. supported dictator and his sicarios (henchmen)Photo: Granma Archives.

Cuba's Revolution Maximum Leader, Fidel Castro, was at that point Prime Minister of the Revolutionary Government. On 14 September 1959, Columbia Barracks was turned into Libertad School City. Photo: Granma Archives.

On 14 September 1959, Armando Hart (left), Education Minister of the Revolutionary Government receives the symbolic keys to Libertad School City from Raul Castro, (center) and Camilo Cienfuegos (right). No more military scum would walk here. Only teachers and students allowed. Photo: Granma Archives.

Source: Granma, printed edition, PDF file, Jan 20, 2014 

JG: This you would never see happening the United States of America. Their top priority? Capitalist millionaires, billionaires and their accompanying never ending greed. The people? Who are they?

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