Monday, January 27, 2014

Team Cuba Roster is Announced for the 2014 Caribbean Baseball Series

Cuba Baseball Website Zona de Strike has posted about the baseball players who will represent the Republic of Cuba during the upcoming Serie del Caribe at Margarita Island, Venezuela, on February 1 to 8, 2014.

Team Villa Clara, who are the National Champions of Cuba's 52nd National Baseball Series will represent Cuba, with the addition of six reinforcements.

Here they are:

Team Villa Clara

Catchers (2): Ariel Pestano and  Yulexis La Rosa Águila.

Infielders (6): Yulieski Gourriel Castillo, Ariel Borrero Alfonso, Ramón Lunar Armenteros, Andy Sarduy Escobar, Danel Castro Muñagorri, Yordan Manduley Escalona, Yeniet Pérez Romero, Yandrys Canto Ramírez and José Miguel Fernández Díaz.

Outfielders (6): Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez, Andy Zamora Farres, Edilse Silva La O, Yuniet Flores Argüelles, Yordanys Linares Pérez and Lázaro Ramírez Espinosa.

Pitchers (11): Freddy Asiel Álvarez Sáez, Yasmany Hernández Romero, Alaín Sánchez Machado, Jonder Martínez Martínez, Robelio Carrillo Carvajal, Irvin del Río Castro, Yosvany Pérez Torres, Diosdani Castillo Vergel, Vicyohandri Odelín Saname, Ismel Jiménez Santiago y Norge Luis Ruiz Loyola.

Reinforcements (6): Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez (OF), Yulieski Gourriel Castillo (3B), José Miguel Fernández Díaz (2B), Vicyohandri Odelín Saname (RHP), Ismel Jiménez Santiago (RHP) and rookie talent Norge Luis Ruiz Loyola (RHP).

Manager: Ramón Moré Flaqué.

The website also reported what is, in my opinion, a political commissar appointment: Víctor Mesa Martínez, who was the Team Cuba manager in Durham, North Carolina in the summer of 2013. His performance was extremely poor, losing all five games against the USA National Collegiate Team.

The question is: who will be the real manager?  Ramón Moré Flaqué, who is the regular manager of Team Villa Clara or the political commissar, Victor Mesa?

If the commissar is calling the shots during the games, Cuba will lose 2014 Caribbean Series.

You heard it here first!


David Wilson said...

Regardless of his status as a political commisar, isn't Victor Mesa also the manager of the Matanzas team that currently leads Moré's Villa Clara club by a game in the Serie Nacional standings? I'm arguing that Mesa is clearly the guy or that he is better than Moré, but at the very it doesn't seem fair to say that if Mesa is making baseball decisions that Villa Clara is doomed. He hasn't sunk Matanzas yet.

Cuba Journal said...

I respect your opinion, but Victor Mesa is vastly overrated. He led Team Cuba to five consective defeats against USA college players. I was there behind first base and I personally saw how he insulted his players. I hope that Moreno is the real manager of Team Cuba in the Serie del Caribe.

Cuba Journal said...

My apologies for the typo. Consective = consecutive.

Cuba Journal said...

Matanzas has not won yet the 53rd National Baseball Series of Cuba. If they do, then VM can take them to the 2015 Serie del Caribe.

David Wilson said...

To be honest, I'm probably in favor of leaving Moré in charge since its his team and there doesn't appear to be any need for two managers, I was just pointing out that Mesa does has baseball credentials so its not as if he is just some random guy from the Cuban government sent to oversee the team. I guess it is technically true that Mesa used to manage the Villa Clara team for a long time (8 years) and played witht he team during his career as a player, so he does have roots in the area and with the team, but it still seems like they'd be better served by just letting the current manager do his job.