Thursday, February 20, 2014

Barack Obama is whining again!

Is the dark hand of Barack Obama's CIA involved in the recent disturbances in Venezuela? Only time will tell, but given the fact that Obama is the most prominent socialism-hater in the USA, I would not be surprised if he, and John Kerry, are secretly manufacturing a military coup d'etat in the South American country. Purpose: steal the oil resources of Venezuela.

There is a precedent. Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger did the same thing in 1973 in Chile.

These are the American capitalism elites that go on TV and make pompous speeches about how they are promoters of  "democracy." If you believe that, YOU ARE A FOOL!

Here is what Reuters reported today:

"Speaking in Mexico, U.S. President Barack Obama criticized Maduro's government for arresting protesters and urged it to focus on addressing the "legitimate grievances" of its people."

Does any one remember when US police violently repressed the Occupy Wall Street movement? You will never hear Barack Obama talk about that.

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