Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The sad story of 2014 Cuban Baseball at Serie del Caribe

Cuba finished dead last in the 2014 edition of La Serie del Caribe. Three consecutive losses followed, at the end, by one lonely win. I do not know if this happened before between 1949 and 1961, the year in which the revolutionary government banned professional baseball in the island.

By fiat and decree of the then reigning political commissars, they established that baseball in Cuba from 1961 forward would only be amateur baseball. The current salary of a Cuban baseball player is $20.00 per month. Most players opted to leave the island to chase million dollar contracts in Yankee land. They were voting with their feet against the political baseball commissars of Fidel and Raul, who were very good revolutionaries, but were very poor civilian administrators. Decisions were made based on a failing Stalinist ideology. Cuban baseball went downhill, like the economy of the island.

Right now, the destiny of Team Cuba in the current Serie del Caribe depends on not how well they play, but how some other Caribbean team plays. It is being reported in the Internet that if Puerto Rico wins today, which is very doubtful, then Cuba may be able to squeeze-in to play in the semifinals.

If Puerto Rico wins today against the very powerful Venezuela team, Cuba will go home, with little to show for their effort. I predict that Venezuela will win. But don't take my word for it. I am not a baseball expert, just a fan. Cuba played with very little energy in the 2014 Serie del Caribe.

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