Thursday, March 13, 2014

CPUSA's hare-brained proposal

Sam Webb is the current chairman of CPUSA, the Communist Party of the USA. During the 1930's CPUSA was a growing working-class party which was based in the ideas of Karl Marx, which were brilliantly written in “Das Kapital.” FDR was trying to “save capitalism from itself” after the stock market crash of 1929 and the awful Great Depression that followed.

If a capitalist places a foot high stack of $1,000.00 dollar bills on top of a table, those bills do not produce anything. Only when the capitalist hires the labor of members of the working class  IS WHEN SOMETHING OF VALUE IS PRODUCED. The capitalist confiscates the surplus value created by the labor of the working class. He calls it profit.

CPUSA is no longer what it used to be. Why? Because they have abandoned the ideas of Karl Marx, when almost 150 years ago, he founded the “International Working Men's Association.” That milestone anniversary will be celebrated on September 28, 2014.

CPUSA will be celebrating soon their annual convention. Their chairman is advocating helping the Democratic Party to defeat the right-wingers of the Republican and Tea Parties. (Read the document).

Would God help defeat the devil? I doubt it! He preaches goodness and does not get involved in politics. I am an Agnostic, but I respect the beliefs of those who talk about the existence of a Higher Being.

CPUSA has become an appendix of the Democratic Party. They have abandoned the ideas of Karl Marx.

Last but not least, Barack Obama and his Democratic Party continue enforcing the genocidal blockade/embargo against Cuba.

What Sam Webb is advocating is a very stupid idea. I do not support him, but I wish him good luck.

Let us work together to accomplish what the voters in SeaTac, Washington, accomplished last year: a $15.00 per hour minimum wage for the working class. Forget about the Democratic Party, CPUSA! They represent the corporatist political agenda of the capitalist elites.

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