Monday, March 17, 2014

Cuban-Americans who met in Miami sent a very strong message to President Barack Obama: “We want better relations with Cuba.”

Excerpts of the report published by news agency Reuters on 3/15/2014:

(Reuters) - Cuban Americans met in Miami on Saturday to discuss how to normalize relations with Cuba and end the five decade-long United States embargo against the communist-run island, the first such gathering in a decade in a city better known for hostility toward the Caribbean island.

The one-day event was organized by four groups led by Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFE), founded two years ago to counteract the influence of traditional Cuban exile organizations that support the embargo. Held at a hotel conference room it attracted about 125 attendees, including several invited speakers from Cuba.

The conference comes on the heels of a national poll last month that found a strong majority of Americans - and an even greater percentage of Floridians - support normalizing relations with Cuba.

The organizers said two Cuban officials from Cuba's diplomatic mission in Washington - which is not an embassy as the two countries broke formal diplomatic ties decades ago - were invited to speak but were denied permission to travel to Miami by the U.S. State Department.

JG: And in the meantime, Barack Obama and his Democratic Party continue with their heads buried deep in the sand.

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