Monday, June 09, 2014

Ichiban ~ Modasho

The word ichiban in kanji script.

Means 'first' in Japanese. The Japanese language has numerous numeric suffixes that are used depending on the subject matter; "-ban" is only one of many ways to turn "ichi" ("one") into "first". (Wikipedia).


Put simply, you know how in the Majors they'll often mention when a player gets multiple hits in a game?

Well, the bar is set a little higher in Japan. 3 hits or more in a game is a modasho.
Looking a little more deeply, modasho is composed of three characters:

猛 (もう - mou): fierce, rave, rush, become furious, wildness, strength
打 (だ - da): strike, hit, knock, pound, dozen
賞 (しょう - shou): prize, reward, praise

So, that makes pounding out 3 hits in a game literally the "fierce hitting award."


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