Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Biologists have identified a new living sub-species among mammals

Their territory is spread throughout t all the Western Hemisphere (North, South, Central America and the Caribbean), and it may also exist throughout  Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and other islands of the Pacific Ocean.

It is a sub-species of Homo sapient and the biologists have chosen the name for this new sub-species: Homo assholenses.

1)                  When they start talking, especially in deliberative organizations, they never seem to be able to shut-up, and have chosen for themselves a secular non-scientific name: politicians. This peculiar behavior also happens all the time when they are in front of a television camera or a radio microphone.

2)                  A notable comedian was able to identify the virus that has invaded their bodies: it has been given the name of yada-yada-yada.

3)                  Psychologists and psychiatrists say that this new sub-species see themselves as deities that never make mistakes.

4)                  One member of this new sub-species has developed a new machine that he calls an unmanned drone. It has been documented that he only uses this new “invention” for lethal assassinations of people he considers enemies. He has also invented a new name for his enemies: terrorists. He sends his new invention to liquidate his enemies. He may be keeping an enemies list. No due process or judicial trial takes place before he unleashes his drones. There are many documented cases when women and children were also assassinated by his drones.

5)                  There have been reports that he has said that he has a divine mandate directly from God to rid the world of terrorists. Many civilians think that he is totally insane and suffers from a debilitating mental illness. Consider him very dangerous and start running if you see him coming towards you.

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