Saturday, July 26, 2014

Boycott Coca-Cola

Turkish business have started removing Coca-Cola from shelves, more than a hundred Mumbai hotels are not selling any of its products, and Malaysian pro-Palestinian groups are calling for a boycott in response to the continued Israeli attacks in Gaza, which have killed more than 700 people.

The well-organized “Boycott Israel” movement has been around for many years, and generally ebbs and flows with the intensity of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, part of the larger “BDS” (for boycott, divestment & sanctions) campaign started in 2005. The huge civilian death toll in Gaza, which has been documented by quickly-circulated photographs, and the unrelenting nature of Israel’s missile attacks could make this boycott particularly tough on Coca-Cola, judging from growing support from social media:

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Don’t drink Coca-Cola for #Gaza. We Will Not Contribute to War.
6:51 PM – 21 Jul 2014

Source: Israel’s attacks on Gaza are leading to Coca-Cola Boycotts

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