Monday, July 21, 2014

STOP the Israeli Genocide on the Gaza Strip. USA is the major 'partner' of the Jews of Israel

You Have Blood on your Hands

Barack Obama has the blood of Palestinian children on his hands. He sells the bombs and the aircraft that are currently being used by the EVIL JEWS OF ISRAEL to massacre the Palestinian population.

What is the Nigger in the White House going to say? My administration did know about it!

Indict Shimon Peres & Benhamin Netanyahu at the International Court of Justice in Le Hague.

Worldwide Outrage Over Israeli Genocide on Gaza

Cuba Journal: STOP the Israeli on the Strip. is the major 'partner' of the Jews of Israel

Israel using flechette shells in Gaza.

Palestinian human rights group accuses Israel military of using shells that spray out thousands of tiny and potentially lethal darts

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