Friday, July 18, 2014

The Devaluation of the USA Dollar

It is extremely sad to see a once proud and prosperous nation become a PILE OF SHIT.

The Yankee imperialists have achieved that!

The USA once had a strong currency, backed by gold. Then, the virus of the Capitalists and the Jews infected the currency: EXTREME GREED. The US dollar became Monopoly Money, thanks to Richard Nixon and the Jews who control the Federal Reserve. The more dollars the Fed prints the more worthless the US dollar becomes. Weimar Republic + Zimbabwe = USA.

1n 1969, when my first son was born, a gallon of milk could be bought for 89 US cents. Now, it is around $3.50-3.75. When I was going to Portland State College, and if I took advantage of gasoline price wars, I could buy gasoline for my automobile for 19 US cents per gallon. Now, it is approaching $4.00 per gallon.

In 1970, with only one income, I could buy a $16,000 home by getting a mortgage with a bank. Fast forward to 2014. You now need two incomes and a mortgage of $250,000.00 to acquire a decent home. Capitalists speculate on everything. Stocks, homes, turds, etc.

On top of all that, you have to put up with idiotic TV talking heads and fucking professional politicians pontificating about how good life is in the USA. For the top 1%, of course.

The capitalists and their water carriers, the Jews, have destroyed the USA, and may soon doom and destroy our beautiful planet.

If you vote for a Democrat or a Republican, YOU ARE A FOOL! Go to the beach. Don't waste your time!

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