Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Great Invention

Adam & Lucy

Time: most likely it happened shortly after our ancestors became Bi-Pedal and erect, or not walking on four legs anymore.

Adam: “Hey, this is nice. I can see a lot more when I use my rear two legs to get around!”

Lucy: “And we can use our two front legs to grab stuff and do things. How about if we call our two front legs another name? ARMS?”

Adam: “OK by me, but I feel that there is still something missing.”

Lucy: “Yes, you are right. Look at this most beautiful place where we live. How did it get here? Who built it?”

Adam: “I don't know. Why don't we just give a name to that unknown and unseen being who certainly created all these wonderful things around us?”

Lucy: “Good thinking, hunk!”

A very tiny creature walks by on his four legs and emits a noise: “Woof! Woof!”

Adam: “What is that?”

Lucy: “My cousin told me it is called DOG.”

Adam: “Let us invent a wonderful ruler of our little paradise. Henceforth, this all powerful being shall be called.....”

Lucy: “GOD”

Adam: “We are certainly very smart. We will tell everyone that only we know what GOD wants.

Lucy: "Come here, hunk, and caress my titties and after that ..."

Adam: "I thought you were never going to ask. "Excuse us GOD, we have to fuck."

A deep and powerful voice comes from the clouds above Paradise.

GOD: Enjoy!"

© J.R.G.

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