Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Top 6-4 reasons why I do not expect Team Cuba to do well in the July 21-25 friendly baseball series with the USA

1.                  The USA is ranked #1 in the world by IBAF (International Baseball Federation). 
Advantage ---> USA

2.                  Cuba is ranked only # 3 by IBAF, behind Japan, which is ranked #2. Advantage ---> USA

3.                  In Cuban Baseball, ideology is more important than skill, something that does not happen in the Colossus from the North ---> Advantage USA

4.                   The ruling party of the island, the Partido Communista de Cuba. has again appointed a political commissar to the island's team, Victor Mesa, who intimidates Team Cuba. I personally saw him insult Cuban players in Durham, NC  in the summer of 2013. He will be looking over the shoulder of Team Cuba's Manager, Urquiola. In the two games that will be played in Matanzas, Victor Mesa's city, Urquiola will not be calling the shots. Expect team Cuba to loose those two games. That means that Urquiola would have to win the last three games in a row in Pinar del Rio, his city. Advantage ---> USA.

5.                  Because of political decisions, Ariel Pestano, Cuba's best catcher ever, has been left out of  Team Cuba. Advantage ---> USA.

6.                  Cuba's baseball program continues in a steady downward decline, because the Yankee imperialists (who have a Ph. D. in criminal behavior) continue stealing Cuba's best players by offering them Millions of Dollars (bribes) in return for Cubans betraying their native country. Because of its good personal morality and ethics, Advantage ---> Cuba.

7.                  Because I am not a baseball expert and because anything can happen in a baseball game when you have 11 million baseball fans in the island rooting for you, ---> Advantage Cuba.

8.                  Because of Yogi Berra's postulate that It Ain't Over Till It's Over. --->Advantage Cuba.

9.                  Because Cuba has not presented yet  its final 28-man roster, there cold be “surprises.” ---> Advantage ---> Cuba.

10.               If Team USA again brings pitcher Carlos Rodon ---> Advantage USA.

If there are any “experts” out there on the Internet, I welcome your opinions or predictions, English or Spanish. I will try to find the time to translate the Spanish speakers, if they are brief.

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