Friday, July 25, 2014

What do I mean ...

... when I call Obama and Kerry assholes? Does it mean that if we get rid of their corrupt Corporate Democratic Party and replace them with Boehner and his gang things will get better or improve?

No, things may get much, much worse, because the Repugs only promote the agendas of capitalist millionaires and billionaires. Things may improve only in the area of foreign relations, because the corrupt Democratic party has always been  the PARTY OF WAR, in the past, in the present and in the future.

The US economy has been anemic in the last two years. But if you keep Obama and his partner asshole, Kerry, you may see soon a war with Russia, which could go nuclear very fast.

The sad state life in the US is due to the fact that third parties are not given a chance to present their platforms or participate in debates or political affairs. Roadblocks and obstacles are placed in front of them by the ruling capitalist elites. For the last 114 years we have had government by the capitalists and for for the benefit of the capitalists.

Look at Brazil as a contrast. They have more than 18 political parties. People and government in Brazil promote TRUE DEMOCRACY and not the corruptness and low morality that we see in capitalist  USA. Money is the only God that is worshiped in the USA.

You have to realize that when Dems and Repugs tell you that they are in favor of 'democracy' what they really mean is: we want to continue the status quo and be able to continue screwing you and exploit you on a 24/7 basis.

The Dems are the worst  of the two branches of The Capitalist Party. Right now they are promoting homosexuals, lesbians and marijuana. No wonder that the nation continues going downhill when it comes to morality or ethics.

The future does not look very pretty!  No wonder people stop voting.

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