Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Burger-King wants to move to Canada. 100% Capitalist Scum. DO NOT PATRONIZE!

Burger King Fans Call For Boycott Over Tax Dodge
"Move to Canada to avoid paying taxes and I will never darken the door of a Burger King again," Mike Gee, of Magnolia, Arkansas, wrote in a comment. 
"Does corporate greed in this country ever end?"
JG: The masses are beginning to wake up and see the true colors of American capitalism.

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Brrr said...

As a Canadian, I support this move. Not that I'm a big fan of Burger King (I hardly ever eat there anyway), but because this is just further proof that the economic management of our government is on the right track.

Companies want to move here because our taxes are so much lower (which is the opposite of what most Americans think). Government revenues are higher because taxes are lower too. Unlike the American politicians who preach trickle-down economics, but never actually practice it, we did it for real, and it works -- tax people less and they'll spend more, tax companies less and they'll hire more people, pay them more, and invest more in the local economy.