Tuesday, August 05, 2014

In Memory of Etta Judah, and in celebration of Claudia

A Claudia look-alike budgie

I have been very fortunate of living in an excellent seniors building after I reached my golden years.

One of those residents I remember with a great deal of happiness because she was a very good neighbor.

Etta Judah was one of our better front desk clerks. We would talk a lot in the morning and at other times, especially when my #1 parakeet female, the unrivaled Claudia was having a banner year in producing offspring.

The best place to buy parakeets is, without any doubt, the bird shows of Central Florida. In one of my frequent visits, I met a couple of parakeet breeders who were from Puerto Rico.

They had a big cage full of beautiful budgies. I saw two that I particularly liked. Claudia was, and still is my most beautiful parakeet. She is what people call a pied parakeet; she has three colors, white and blue, interspersed with specks of dark gray and black. She is my most gorgeous budgie.

The second one was all yellow, and she looked like a canary. I named her Sunny.

When I asked the bird breeder how much was he selling his budgies for, I was extremely happy to find out that, since he had more than 50 budgies, he was only asking a very reasonable $3.00 for his birds. Not everyone is a greed-hog in Yankee-land.

Give me that one, and I pointed to Claudia, and also to Sunny.

I had a tiny portable carry-on cage, and Claudia and Sunny were placed in it.

Away we went to my building, a leisurely 45 minute drive.

I started waiting for Claudia and Sunny to do what “the birds and the bees do”

And I waited, and I waited and I waited.

Etta and I would talk in the mornings about my birds.

The moment arrived around the end of January of 2013.

At three o' clock in the morning I heard faint tweets coming from Claudia's breeding box.

In a very short time, less than six months, Claudia gave birth to 6, 7, and 6 babies. During that time I would find Claudia a Hughie having sex in the early morning. They were going at it in a fast and furious pace.

19 babies in less than six months.

Etta told me one day: “What you have is an over-sexed bird," referring to Claudia of course.

We both laughed a lot when she said that.

My birds have the door to their cage always open. They fly around my apartment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They provide me with never ending entertainment, especially when I am at my desk, typing on the laptop. Hughie flies to the top of my head to investigate what I am doing, and to see if I have with me my favorite Depression glass bowl, filled with oyster crackers, which they go crazy for.

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