Saturday, August 30, 2014

Orioles widen their lead over the Yankees while the Blue Jays fade

Monday will be the last month of the 2014 baseball season.

The Orioles are in front of the Yankees by seven games. The Blue Jays are beginning to fade. They are ten and a half games behind Baltimore, in third place. The race in the AL East division promises to be very exciting. It is sad to see the Red Sox dead last at 18 and a half games behind the leader.

Jose Dariel Abreu had a good game. He went 3-3, but the White Sox lost to the Tigers 7-1. He is having a very good rookie year: His average right now is .316, fifth in MLB.

The Giants slaughtered the Brewers 13-2.

Albert Pujols had his 24th Home Run. Will he make it this year to the 100/30 Club?

Six players have reached 30 or more Home Runs: Cruz (34), Abreu (33), Carter (33), Stanton (33), Ortiz (30), Rizzo (30), and Trout (30).

In the RBI category, only seven have 90 or more: Abreu (97), Stanton (97), Ortiz (94), Trout(94), Upton (91), Cabrera M (90), and Gonzalez A (90).

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