Sunday, September 07, 2014

Post Offices in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia are being overwhelmed by new electronic technologies

Dodo Bird (extinct)

Hardly anyone nowadays ever buys a postage stamp to mail a personal letter, which is going the same way that the Dodo went. 

People are paying their bills on-line, and to communicate they use texting or e-mail.

When I came to the US, it cost four US cents to mail a letter from Florida to Oregon. Now it costs 49 cents, which is a good deal, if you consider that the poor folks in Canada pay $1.00 to mail a first class letter. In Great Britain they pay $1.0521 to mail a first class letter if you use $1.67 per £ exchange rate.

The Post Offices in those countries failed to adapt to new technologies

Here is the news from Australia:

Govt considering premium mail service

The government is considering a new tiered postal system where customers pay a premium for next-day delivery.

Australia Post wants to charge customers extra to deliver letters within a designated time - for example the next day - while regular mail could take longer.

The government-owned postal service says losses due to plummeting demand in its letter business could overwhelm the entire company if changes aren't made.


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